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Finding the right cancer care center you can trust and believe in has always been important, but in today's uncertain times, it's more important than ever. The era of cancer diagnosis and treatment is constantly evolving, with breakthroughs and discoveries changing the course of care all the time. Deciding which combination of treatments is right for you is critical as well as overwhelming. That's why it's important to turn to the best oncologists in Kerala. Every stage. Every day. From state-of-the-art cancer treatments to supportive therapies that target side effects, our integrative, comprehensive care is delivered by a team comprising expert medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, hematologists, nurses, and other cancer experts in Kottakkal.

Cancers we treat:

  • Breast and Gynecologic Oncology
  • Thoracic Oncology
  • Gastrointestinal Oncology
  • Head and Neck Oncology
  • Hematologic Malignancy ( leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma)

The integrative cancer care service we offer include:

In-patient chemotherapy

Most cancer chemotherapies can be administered safely and effectively in hospitals. However, in certain clinical conditions such as acute leukemia, known hypersensitivity reactions, or comorbidities, an inpatient stay becomes medically necessary as they require patient monitoring or complex administration over multiple days. With the best oncologists in Kottakkal and a full range of in-house support facilities, we provide an environment of care and competence to enable speedy recovery at nominal costs.

Chemotherapy Day Care

For many minor procedures or treatments, patients can avoid overnight hospitalization. Our Chemotherapy Daycare is a well-equipped facility that allows patients to walk home the same day of treatment. The Daycare unit here is one of the best in Kerala, staffed by experienced oncologists and nurses in Kottakkal. Here, we offer follow-up treatments, blood transfusions, and patient teaching and counseling related to side effects, dosages, and after-chemo care.

Intensive Care

Patients with cancer are at high risk for acute life-threatening illnesses that require ICU admission. The indications can be cancer-related (eg, critical organ infiltration), treatment-related (eg, sepsis, drug toxicity), or due to comorbid illnesses (eg, kidney or heart failure). Almas Hospital is one of Kerala's multi-specialty healthcare providers. At Almas, the Oncology Intensive Care Unit is at the core of many life-saving treatments. Here, patients are monitored round the clock in sterile environments by the best oncologists in Kottakkal, specialist nurses, respiratory therapists, and counselors that are on call to assist with emergencies.

Pediatric cancer care

Pediatric cancer is very rare, but it can happen and may come in many forms such as leukemia, lymphoma, and neuroblastoma. Our pediatric cancer care unit provides compassionate, professional care to many hundreds every year. Here, your child will receive a personalized treatment plan from India’s leading pediatric oncologists and blood disorder experts. From treatment to diagnosis to follow-up care, our specialists are with you and your child every step of the way.

Cancer screening and prevention

Preventative oncology is a subspecialty in Oncology that focuses on key measures that can prevent cancer onset or delay the progression of the malignancy. Cancer prevention and screening are the cornerstones of Preventive Oncology. AOI at Almas Hospital offers the best cancer screening, surveillance, and counseling programs in Kerala to reduce cancer incidence and mortality and improve the lives of cancer patients.

Leukemia and Lymphoma treatment

Often referred to as "liquid tumors'', leukemia and lymphoma are blood cancers, affecting the bone marrow, the blood cells, and the lymphatic system. Together with the American Oncology Institute, Calicut, we bring a range of novel treatments including targeted therapy, stem cell transplant, hormonal therapy, and immunotherapy to fight alongside you.

Scope of service:

  • In-patient and daycare chemotherapy administration
  • Administration of monoclonal antibodies, immunotherapies, targeted therapies, and hormonal treatment
  • Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy
  • Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC Line) and Central lines
  • Intrathecal, intrapleural, and intraperitoneal administration of chemotherapy
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic thoracentesis and paracentesis
  • Multidisciplinary tumor board for the management of difficult case scenarios
  • Individualized cancer screening using standard guidelines
  • Administration of blood and blood components
  • Pain and palliative care services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. Why should I come to the Almas hospital's comprehensive cancer care department?

We have the best oncologists in Kerala, specializing in different types of cancer - like breast, lung, or gastrointestinal. Our team of medical and radiation oncologists in Kottakkal provides compassionate, full-service care for the treatment and management of different cancer types, no matter the severity or complexity.

Q. What are the treatment methods available for cancer?

There is no single treatment for cancer. We have the best oncologists in Kottakkal who often combine several types of treatment including surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or radiation therapy for greater effect, taking into account all sorts of factors on a patient's health and cancer profile.

Q. Is chemotherapy affordable?

The cost of chemotherapy varies greatly depending on the cancer type and the drug used. At Almas, we provide chemotherapy treatment as affordable as possible in Kerala. If my kid needs radiation therapy, are there the best techniques available to minimize side effects? We offer the best cancer treatment in Kottakkal, Malappuram. Our Radiation Oncology Department has experts who precisely deliver radiation to the area of concern while minimizing the dose to normal tissues.

Q. When should I begin screening for breast cancer?

The American Cancer Society recommends that women aged 40 to 44 years should get a mammogram once a year.

Our Doctors

Our Distinguished Team of Caring Physicians

Cancer comes in many forms. We’ve got specialists for all of them. We know that going to an Oncologist is not always fun and exciting. We have the best Oncology department in Kottakkal. As an integrated team, our medical and radiation oncologists are equipped to manage your specific diagnosis, even if you have a rare or complex form of cancer.

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Dr. Dhanya K S

Consultant-Radiation Oncology
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Dr. Shoufeej P M

Consultant Medical Oncology
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Dr. Salahudheen

Sr. Consultant Oncologist

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