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The team at Almas Hospital provides comprehensive support and care for all the neurological issues of the patients. It caters its services to the patients from both domestic and International. Our specialists are experts in the management of various Neurological issues like stroke, epilepsy, movement disorders etc. They have a proven track record of treating thousands of patients back to normal life with the support of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. At Almas, we provide advanced Neuro ortho rehabilitation services with the support of highly experienced and well trained Neurosurgeons, physiotherapists, neuropsychologists, neuro technicians all of whom are dedicated to making a positive outcome to the patients suffering from neurological illness. We are fortunate to have the best doctors in neurosurgery in Kottakkal, Malappuram who are dedicated and committed to the patients. We offer coordinated care for issues related to the brain and spinal cord . To name a few, we cater to the needs of patients with trauma, tumors, vascular disease, infections, degenerative diseases, congenital malformation in children and adults etc. With the aid of modern gadgets and facilities. Our emergency ICU and Main ICU are equipped with specially designated beds for patients in need of immediate medical attention. Our experienced neurosurgeons and their well-trained staff provide the essential care for all types of neurosurgical and pediatric issues. At Almas, we proudly deliver the finest possible medical treatment to our patients by adhering to worldwide standards and integrating advanced surgical equipment and technology.

Services Offered

Almas IVF Centre in Kottakkal, Malappuram has been established as a sub-unit of Almas Hospital, Kottakkal with all the facilities of a super specialty hospital. The advanced operation theatre, patient monitoring room, ultra-modern ICU, state-of-the-art laboratory, and well-equipped recovery room help us to achieve our goal at the earliest.
The Centre uses the latest equipment and techniques like:

  • Intelligent incubator (ESP)
  • Embryo vitrification
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Laser-assisted hatching
  • Blastocyst culture and transfer
  • Semen freezing

The services and facilities offered by IVF Centre include:

  • Complete infertility evaluation
  • Infertile couples guidance
  • Assisted reproductive techniques like IUI, OPU, and IVF
  • Semen analysis
  • Artificial insemination
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
  • Egg collection & embryo transfer

Special Clinics

The IVF Centre of Almas Hospital, Kottakkal is a unique medical centre in Kerala with a vision to provide world-class care to couples with infertility issues.
Special clinics under IVF Centre Almas are:

  • ART and Infertility clinic
  • Medical Disorders clinic
  • Menstrual disorders Clinic
  • Adnexal tumors Clinic
  • Malignancy Clinic
  • Menopause clinic
  • Obesity control & weight reduction clinic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. What Is In Vitro Fertilization?

: In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a sort of assisted reproductive technology (ART) that is used to cure fertility or genetic issues, as well as to help in the conception of a baby. In IVF, mature eggs from your ovaries are harvested and fertilised with sperm in a laboratory. The embryo or eggs that have been fertilised are then inserted into your uterus. A typical IVF cycle lasts two weeks.

Q. What Are the Benefits of IVF?

IVF is used when other fertility treatments are not successful. The benefits of IVF include that it:

  • Improves pregnancy rates for women experiencing fertility problems.
  • Increases the chance of pregnancy for older women and those with damaged fallopian tubes.
  • Reduces the risk of passing on genetic disorders.

Q. When is IVF necessary?

IVF may be recommended if you have been unable to conceive despite trying for at least 1 year. It may also be recommended if you experience unexplained infertility, endometriosis, or blocked fallopian tubes. It may even be used in cases where there has been no sperm found in the semen due to a genetic disorder or blockage.

Q. How soon should I contact the IVF centre?

You can contact Almas IVF Centre at any time, there are no restrictions on who can access our IVF services. During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your options with a fertility specialist to decide which treatment is likely to be most successful.

Q. What tests will I need before starting treatment?

Before beginning treatment at Almas Hospital, all patients need to complete several tests. These will check the patient’s general health and determine if their reproductive system is functioning normally. The woman’s hormones will also be checked, as hormonal imbalances are often related to infertility.

Q. Are IVF services at Almas affordable?

A: YES, we provide affordable IVF services. The cost of IVF treatment at Almas Hospital is considerably less than the cost in most places in Kerala and India. We provide good value for money, ensuring a high standard of treatment and care because we believe that every couple deserves to become parents.

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